Chris Redpath

Chris gained his appreciation for construction as a young boy helping his father make repairs around the family’s home in the western suburbs of Chicago. He put that appreciation to work to help him earn a BS degree in Building Construction Management at Purdue University while working as a Framing Carpenter. After working part-time as an intern at Clune, Chris became a full-time member of the Clune family in 1993. Chris’s rise, over the past 22 years from intern to his present position as a Managing Director in the firm, makes him a shining example of how talent and integrity work to promote personal growth at Clune. Today he leads Clune’s internship & recruiting programs. When Chris isn’t helping Clune with its ongoing talent search efforts, he volunteers his time on the Board of Directors for the ACE Mentoring program which takes a “hands-on” approach to helping students learn about careers in architecture, construction, engineering and related professions.