06 June 2024

Clune Knows Benefits: Our Robust Approach to Employee Well-Being

By: Emmalie Wolter, Human Resources Specialist and Kristen Coury, Human Resources Specialist

Year after year, Clune Construction’s unwavering commitment to its employees has earned it consistent recognition as a Best Place to Work. We firmly believe in empowering our employees to achieve success, recognizing the direct correlation between their accomplishments and the company’s success. One of the primary reasons Clune employees frequently highlight why we’re an excellent workplace is our top-tier benefits package.

As Forbes Advisor reports, “40% of employers believe workers leave for better benefits.” To attract and retain top talent, Clune offers a unique, robust benefits package that goes beyond the standard. Our comprehensive package includes mental, physical and financial support for all employees and their families. Most of these benefits are accessible to our team members from day one.

A Healthy Workforce is a Strong Workforce

How much of your paycheck goes towards your health insurance premiums? Employees at Clune would proudly answer, “None of it.” Clune offers healthcare benefits to all employees and their dependents on a non-contributory basis, effective on their first day of employment, with participation in the annual wellness initiative. This allows employees to skip the hassle of looking through tiered benefit plans and basing their health coverage decisions on what they can afford.

Clune ensures that all employees are covered equally at no cost by providing a medical, dental and vision plan designed to meet the diverse needs of our employees at every stage of life. Pet insurance coverage is also offered as an added bonus to ensure we cover all our employees’ loved ones.

“Consistent with our company culture of prioritizing our employees, the healthcare plan we are offered is a really comprehensive PPO.  Clune covers 100% of the healthcare premiums for with coverage starting on day one.” Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications Jessica Doyle

Expanding Wellness Benefits Beyond the Physical

When thinking about job site safety, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely hazardous materials or fall risks. However, the unseen dangers of mental health struggles are equally important to acknowledge. The holistic well-being of each employee is a top priority. This is why Clune offers a Mind & Body benefit to encourage self-care and help employees reach their personal, physical and mental health goals. This benefit includes reimbursement of 75% of monthly health, wellness and fitness membership fees.

According to Willis Towers Watson, “nearly 60% of construction workers suffer from a mental health issue during their career.” Clune understands the intense demands of the industry, and in response, we offer an employee assistance program (EAP), that offers confidential counseling services and guidance free of charge to Clune employees and their families.

Unforeseen life circumstances, such as a long-term illness or injury, can also be a great source of employee stress. To help alleviate this, Clune also offers additional protection such as life, AD&D, Legal and Accident Insurance, and Short-Term and Long-Term Disability benefits.

Professional and Personal Development at Every Level

To help ensure that the next generation of Clune leaders can build on the great work that was laid down before them, investing in our employees’ professional and personal development is a priority. We prioritize professional development at every level by investing in a robust Learning & Development program that is focused on career development through mentoring, training programs and continuing education.

In addition to internal education and training provided to all employees, Clune has also introduced an Education Assistance Program. The program contributes to employees’ educational expenses and financial well-being through tuition reimbursement and student loan repayments.

Recognition Inside and Outside of the Workplace

Clune appreciates hard-working individuals and their long-standing commitment to the company. We celebrate those who receive promotions and tenure milestones throughout their careers at our annual One Clune Celebration. This celebration is held once a year to encourage connection and increase recognition.

To foster a robust and cohesive workforce, Clune offers referral bonuses to employees who recommend qualified, dedicated full-time candidates committed to contributing to the company’s success. In addition, target bonuses are distributed for performance-based results twice a year.

Beyond our generous personal and vacation time, Clune offers dedicated volunteer time off to allow employees to participate in personal volunteering events. Our workforce is also encouraged to use floating holidays for various cultural and religious purposes, which supports the company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.

A True Stake in the Company

Imagine working for a company that provides the opportunity to share in the company’s successes while also building wealth for future retirement. At Clune, we recognize that our Employee Owners are the company’s greatest asset, and so we do just that. We provide employees and their families with the best options for retirement and financial growth not only through 401k matching but also through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The ESOP allows employees to have a vested interest in the company’s direction and future. It also adds another layer of financial security for employees and their families. Those who are eligible are automatically entered into the ESOP – at no cost – after one year of employment.

“It feels like Clune is investing in me, and that makes me want to invest in Clune.” Strategic Development Manager Jeff Gander on Clune’s ESOP

It’s a special opportunity to work for an organization that treats each person as a valued member of the team and creates a culture of respect amongst the entire corporation. Clune is constantly seeking additional ways to enhance the comprehensive benefits package and takes pride in caring for their employees by always striving to invest in their current and future well-being.



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