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Installation of an additional 6MW of power to the existing live data center. The project consisted of converting existing spare shell space into four new UPS Electrical rooms containing 1.5MW each and redistributing existing/new power to existing data halls. New generator and chiller yards were created with cast-in-place walls containing four generator pads and four chiller pads. The generator yard consists of 4 new 2.5MW Generators, feeding redundant power to the newly built UPS electrical rooms. The chiller yard consists of 4 air cooled chillers providing an additional 500TN cooling capacity per chiller to the existing facility and installation of 8 CRAC units to provide cooling to the UPS Rooms. Slabs within the generator and chiller yard are fiber reinforced concrete, rather than typical steel rebar. In addition, Fiber Reinforced Polymer columns (FRP) were installed in the interior corridors that support 2000’ of cable tray and cable that feeds the existing UPS rooms. Installation of 800 LF of underground ductbank feeders from the generators to each UPS room, installed 12’ below grade.

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Confidential Client




Carrollton, TX