Northwestern Medicine, Lake Forest Hospital Simulation Center

This project was a complete revitalization of Northwestern Medicine’s Lake Forest Hospital Simulation Center. The 15,000-square-foot build-out includes various training areas where clinical professionals practice problem-solving and gain real world experience responding to situations in their typical environment.

An ambulance simulator, complete with moving hydraulic presses and a realistic lighting and siren system, provides a starting point for each simulated scenario. Students also have access to virtual rooms where they are surrounded by a 360° fully immersive experience, allowing for various types of care. The operating room is fully functional and allows for immediate flow into the mock patient rooms, debrief rooms, and classrooms as directed by the educator.

Additionally, the space features a technical lab where 3D printers are utilized to develop life-like organs used in practice surgeries. iStan technology pairs with the manikins to react as humans would – including functions like bleeding, tears and EKG rhythm responses.

Photos by ©Angie McMonigal Photography LLC


Northwestern Medicine


December 2022


Lake Forest, IL