Brickworks, a high-end brick, stone and tile producer, embarked on a comprehensive 18,000-square-foot renovation project at their flagship location on 445 5th Avenue. This endeavor included a complete overhaul of the three-floor retail space, with a focus on a redesigned exterior facade featuring an impressive glass brick canopy and vestibule. Inside, the project involved reconfiguring the stairwell with glass bricks and stone flooring and demolishing the existing interior for new MEP installations. The project scope also included a custom millwork presentation platform, reception area, production studio, offices, kitchen, custom-made brick displays, as well as light boxes to highlight products on the ground floor. Notably, the Clune team ensured the flawless integration of imported Italian glass bricks with the right grout formula to prevent clouding and successfully installed a distinctive French herringbone stone floor sourced from Australia. This achievement was the result of close collaboration between an Australian-based designer, resulting in the transformation of the retail space into a stunning showcase.

Photos by Chris Cooper




September 2022


New York, NY