Clune has completed several tenant improvement projects across the country for New York-based luxury mattress retail firm, Saatva.

Saatva: Dallas

This 3,100 square-foot build-out required all new finishes, wood and metal features, new flooring, and custom ceiling light pockets. Additional installations included new millwork, doors, frames, and hardware, along with interior glass and glazing.

Saatva: San Francisco

A second-generation renovation of an existing retail space, this project included new partition walls, suspended ceiling clouds and new MEP fixtures for the open retail display area. A small break area was built for Saatva staff, as well as gender-neutral restrooms and other small support and storage rooms.

©Barak Shrama

Saatva: Los Angeles

Located on West Hollywood Boulevard, this project was an interior improvement of an existing retail building. In addition to the display area, the space included a reception area, customer service desk, restroom, and break room.

Saatva: Washington, DC

This 6,000 square foot Saatva location is divided into two floors that are connected by an internal staircase constructed with glass, wood and metal features. Additional installations included new flooring with featured tiled walls, custom ceiling light pockets, new millwork, doors, frames and hardware.

Photos by Chris Spielmann






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